News update:Mar 9, 2016

Indian River aims for further growth in Asia and TMEA

Indian River and Aviagen are looking for further growth in the Asian and the Middle East and Africa (TMEA) market, following the success of a recent Indian River Technical Association (IRTA) meeting held in Malaysia.

Indian River has been recognised as one of the fastest growing brands in a market which is still expanding. Now a regular fixture, this was the third IRTA meeting to be held and provide a platform for all Indian River customers to get the latest advice from key staff and share their own experiences.

It was also a chance to spend time with the members of the growing customer service and the wider Aviagen team.

"Indian River is proving to be a bird that really delivers in the market. We are seeing popularity increase and as a result, have invested heavily in ensuring that our team and support network is able to grow along with our customer base," said Fred Kao, business manager.

"Our technical association meeting is another demonstration of that. A significant portion of time was given over to hearing from different countries and customers on the latest situations, issues and of course successes they had experienced before we looked at some of the other agenda points."

The three day event saw customers including Bounty Fresh Foods and ACOLID address the 53 strong audience. This was then followed by a number of technical presentations, including one from Japfa Indonesia, on topics such as the rationale for feeding into lay and the importance of uniformity in breeders.

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