News update:Mar 9, 2016

Africa offers opportunity for the poultry industry

Just over 1 billion people reside on the African continent on little more than an average of $1500 per capita gross domestic product compared to a global average of just over $10,000 per capita gross domestic product.

The potential for poultry is enormous in Africa with per capita consumption currently just over 3.0 kilograms and while the growth in gross domestic product is around 9% annually, chicken consumption is only predicted to rise about half a kilogram over the next 10 years. By comparison global consumption estimated at 12.5 kilograms per capita and predicted to increase to 14 kilograms over 10 years, further highlighting the future untapped potential in Africa.

Young people are being encouraged back into agriculture with job opportunities and in some countries small loans to enable them to start local poultry and egg production businesses to generate income and food. Countries have also realised the importance of job creation in generating a healthy economy and agriculture, already a strong contributor provides an immediate opportunity to achieve both goals.

Arbor Acres is well known to the African poultry industry and in several markets has established itself as the ‘integrators choice’ in the production of a healthy and affordable protein source for consumption in many key markets. A network of six grandparent distributors with experience ranging from five to 26 years supplying parent stock to the local industry are well positioned for future growth in Africa. Arbor Acres is also sold directly into Western and Central African countries through a dedicated commercial team that speaks and understands the region and works closely with the distributor network to maximise sales and market share.

The regional Arbor Acres team not only assists and advises customers with hands-on flock management techniques, they also have a strong commitment to the transfer of technical information and training for customer production teams at regional seminars and schools. The need was first recognised in the poultry industry by Arbor Acres who commenced a Production Management Course in 1963 which has now graduated over 1500 industry people from this well regarded, four-week event. Arbor Acres remains committed to the task and it has become a major regional support activity to improve the knowledge and management skills among the customer base.

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