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Jamesway’s most advanced single stage incubation system yet

Platinum 2.0 with ThinkWise Technology was launched at the IPPE Show in Atlanta on January 29th, 2013. Sophisticated ThinkWise Technology monitors and automatically adjusts the internal environment to provide optimum incubation conditions, is featured in Platinum 2.0.

Pilot egg monitoring system continually measures egg shell and ambient temperatures at various locations in the egg pack in the incubator, and then communicates with Delta Drive to adjust the air temperature to the most suitable level for the embryos.  Delta Drive also adjusts fan speed to the optimum settings, saving energy costs.  Pilot and Delta Drive partner to produce healthier, more viable birds, not only at the time of hatch, but throughout the grow-out period.

In the Platinum 2.0 hatcher, HatchSense continually watches for the first hatching birds.  At the moment the first birds start to emerge, HatchSense automatically changes the air temperature so that more birds hatch within a shorter hatch window.  This allows the birds to be removed from the hatcher at the earliest possibility so that they can reach food and water earlier than in other incubation systems.

Platinum 2.0 includes features designed with the hatchery person in mind, such as WiseView windows so see into the machines without opening door and losing precious heat. 

For more information see Jamesway.

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  • Mr Luis Benavides Andrade

    All phases into the supply chain of meat and eggs productions should be careful in keep right environment (temperature, humidity, quality air), the efficient feeding (feed and water), the best potencial genetic (behavior and performance), and effective healthcare. In this order of idea have a correct hatching process, guarantee to have a good feed conversion and low mortality during meat o egg production. In this case, developing technology to improve incubation and hatchering process, push the growing up the profit to industry.

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