News update:Mar 9, 2016

Aviagen begins using new trials hatchery at Spelderholt

Aviagen has made significant investments at its Spelderholt research and development facility based in Lelystad, the Netherlands. The latest of these is a newly equipped hatchery to add to the existing Broiler and PS houses.

This recent addition now makes Spelderholt a self-contained, fully-comprehensive research facility covering all aspects of breeder, incubation and commercial broiler performance. Previously owned and run by Livestock Research Wageningen UR, the Spelderholt facilities opened in 2003 but closed in early 2012. Aviagen then took on the buildings on a long term lease, boosting its global R & D capabilities.  

For the new hatchery, Aviagen worked closely with Pas Reform Hatchery Technologies to design a suitable hatchery to set and hatch the eggs produced in the breeder trials houses every week, as well as to provide suitable facilities to run trials of egg storage, egg hygiene and incubation conditions.

The new hatchery boasts five Pas Reform SmartSetPro 1 setters, each with a capacity of 19,200 fresh eggs and two SmartHatchPro hatchers. The facility will allow weekly single stage setting of eggs for trials from on-site production facilities.

Other additions to the new Spelderholt hatchery include egg disinfection facilities, two separately controlled storage rooms for hatching eggs, an egg quality and breakout room, transfer facilities and take off, dispatch and cleaning room. Full shower ‘in and out’ facilities have also been installed for the new hatchery, meeting required biosecurity standards.

“The Spelderholt facilities offer a unique opportunity to investigate the production, environmental and welfare impact of slower-growing alternative products in addition to the more traditional and well known brands,” said  Jim McAdam, UK Breeding Programme Director.

“The set-up of Spelderholt allows us to replicate conditions and monitor performance across the entire poultry production chain.  The addition of these facilities to our current resources is therefore a real boost not only to Aviagen but also to our customers.”

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