News update:Mar 9, 2016

Jansen offers consultancy service for poultry breeders

Jansen Poultry Equipment have been providing international poultry farmers in the broiler industry successful advice and guidance that improves the results of broiler production for years. Recently Jansen Poultry Equipment also offers this service to farmers in the rearing, layer and breeder sector.

The advices that are given to increase the results of poultry businesses are focused on every individual situation. An analysis of the house data and the management will often give quick insight where additional profit can be gained. An increased number of hatching eggs, reduction of the amount of floor eggs or the rearing of perfectly trained laying hens are examples of improvements that increase the business results.

Sometimes small changes in the supply of food, water and light can already ensure that chickens perform better. Every situation requests its own research methods to uncover bottlenecks. If the health of the animals affect the results, than for example a professional autopsy can be performed on a number of chickens.

Every single situation requests its own research method to uncover the bottleneck. On the basis of an analyses there can be decided which actions are need to be taken to eliminate the bottleneck that affects the production results. The poultry farmer receives a report with recommendations and, if necessary, he can also appeal to personal guidance until the results are and stay optimal.

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