News update:Mar 9, 2016

Nordic food group opts again for Petersime incubators

Lantmännen Swehatch, part of one of the Nordic area’s largest groups within food, energy, machinery and agriculture, has recently replaced six incubators in its hatchery in Väderstad with Petersime BioStreamer incubators. At the same time, 12 other Petersime incubators have been upgraded.

In January 2013, six Petersime BioStreamer 12S setters, completely equipped with Embryo-Response Incubation technology, were installed in the Väderstad hatchery. Moreover, 12 AirStreamer incubators have been upgraded with Petersime’s Eco-Drive technology – a system that reduces the incubator’s energy consumption by up to 50% by reducing pulsator speed at less critical times during the incubation process.

To get the upgraded hatchery running at its full potential in the shortest possible period of time, Lantmännen Swehatch signed up for Petersime’s Hatchery Guidance ProgrammePLUS, a service pack that includes training sessions, remote supervision, an incubation guide, and several hatchery visits by Petersime incubation specialists.

Hatchery Manager Mr Christoffer Anderson comments: “We have been working with Petersime equipment since the very beginning, and the company has shown itself to be a trustworthy partner in terms of equipment quality and customer service all along. The new BioStreamer™ incubators are already producing the top quality and uniform chicks and that we aim for.”

About Lantmännen
Lantmännen is Sweden’s largest farmer cooperation and consists of four divisions: Machinery, Farming, Energy and Food. The company’s chicken production is part of the Food division and is managed by Lantmännen Kronfågel, of which Lantmännen Swehatch is a part. Its two hatcheries, one in Väderstad and one in Flyinge, produce 46 million day-old broilers per year in total – 26 million in Väderstad and 18 million in Flyinge.

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