News update:Mar 9, 2016

Cooling incubators with lukewarm water

Whether running single-stage or multi-stage, traditional incubators, cool with water of ± 16°C. These have proven their usefulness over many decades and satisfy traditionalists.

Cold water has the drawback of producing condensation on the cooling tubes. This condensation increases the humidity in the incubators. With hatchers especially, it causes fluff to stick to and insulate the cooling surface, bringing the effectiveness of the cooling down. This traditional incubation increases the energy cooling cost while requiring evermore reactive humidity control.

Teggnologic27, a recent option offered on EMKA Incubators cools the incubators with lukewarm water of 27°C – 80,6°F.

At first glance this seems to be counter to traditional thinking. But with this technology, the cooling water is above dew point and the cooling elements remain dry  and free from fluff, thus optimizing the heat exchange and saving energy. A dry incubator allows for perfect humidity control without temperature overshoots. It also reduces mold, fungal or bacterial growth. Teggnologic27 also allows “free” cooling when the outside temperature is below 25°C. The incubators are dry and easy to clean and contain no wet  fluff.


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