News update:Mar 9, 2016

HatchTraveller to transport genetics in the Gulf region

Saudi Grandparent Poultry (SGP) has selected HatchTraveller, from Dutch poultry company HatchTech, to transport their day old chicks all across Saudi Arabia and neighboring countries in the Gulf region.

HatchTraveller ensures that chicks will uniformly maintain their optimal body temperatures and functions completely independently of outside climate conditions, which is crucial because of the long transport distances (up to 48 hours) and the extreme weather conditions in the Gulf region.

During the first days of its life, a chick is unable to regulate its own body temperature. Because of this, perfect transport conditions are necessary to maintain chick quality. HatchTraveller is equipped with an unique climate control system that is based on HatchTech’s laminar airflow technology and patented perforated radiators. The system ensures that the body temperature of every chick in the truck is kept at a constant 104°F - the neutral body temperature zone which enables the chicks to make optimum use of its nutrients (yolk). This gives them the best possible start for growth and ongoing development, so that it can later achieve its full growth potential.

Saudi Grandparent Poultry, a brand new and state of art hatchery built by HatchTech, is located near the city Arar in the northern region of Saudi Arabia. The company produces breeder chicks; capacity of 16,473,600 eggs a year. The chicks will be transported in two HatchTravellers (capacity: 67,200 d.o.c. each).

The Gulf region is currently experiencing rapid growth in the broiler market. The hatchery has been selected by Cobb to support this growth as an official distributor for their breed in this region.

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