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EMKA successfully trials higher incubation temperatures

EMKA Incubators, a hatchery equipment manufacturer and specialist in cooling incubators with lukewarm water of 27°C, have successfully conducted incubation trials with even higher water temperatures, large eggs and older flocks.

EMKA Incubators has finished experiments with ventilation air of 30°C and cooling water temperature of 29°C, contrary to traditional cooling water of between 10 and 15°C, with outstanding results. 

The chicks were dry and active with excellent chick quality, quantity and uniformity. First week mortality was also low.

As expected, the hatchers were dry and free from fluff, with the fluff being collected in proprietary fluffbags.

The outcome of these experiments is that EMKA Incubators will be even more energy saving and allow for more climates to have free-cooling while using a closed cooling-water circuit. These energy efficiencies and savings are unprecedented in hatchery technology history.

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