News update:Mar 9, 2016

Hy-Line celebrates 20 years of service to Nepal

In May of 1993, the first shipment of Hy-Line Brown Parent Stock arrived in Nepal. The breeders were shipped to Guna Chandra Bista, owner of Avinash Hatchery, Ltd., making Bista the first Nepalese poultry farmer to import a western layer breed.

The cooperation between Bista and Hy-Line began a few months prior when Hy-Line Regional Business Manager Miguel Paula visited him in his home town of Narayangarth, Bharatpur. At that time the company was operating under the name Avinash Poultry and they were breeding a brown layer from a neighboring country.

An agreement was made to phase out the other breed and transition to the Hy-Line Brown. The transition went smoothly and Avinash has been importing Hy-Line Browns ever since. Today, Avinash imports approximately 25,000 Hy-Line Brown Parent Stock per year. Bista’s expansion plans include construction of a brand new, state-of-art Parent Stock farm that will utilise the latest colony cage technology.

The new farm will ensure quality pullet rearing, while still allowing the potential for longer term increases in the growing flock size. As the first Nepalese farmer to introduce closed house systems, Bista has demonstrated his commitment to introducing new technologies to the market. In addition to a successful layer business, this year’s expansion plans include a new feedmill and an improved broiler breeder farm.

Mr. Bista has paved the way in the poultry industry in Nepal and serves as the President of the All Poultry Industry Association. He is known in the industry and in his community as Swami Krishnanand Bharati and those close to him simply call him “Swami”. He has been a long-time loyal and supportive member of the Hy-Line distributor network as well as continuing as one of the leading layer producers in the industry.

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