News update:Mar 9, 2016

New Cobb flock awards for Canada

Synergy Agri Group of Nova Scotia is the first winner of the new award for the top Cobb500 breeder performance in Canada.

The award was presented to Synergy Agri production manager Gary McAleer and the production team by Cobb-Vantress technical service manager for Eastern Canada, David Engel, and Canada sales manager Philippe Dufour. 

Ranked on adjusted chicks per hen to 65 weeks of age, the company averaged 144.21 chicks / hen housed. “Gary and the team at Synergy have consistently produced great results,” said David Engel. “With the number of Cobb parent flocks in Canada steadily increasing, we’re very happy to recognise this tremendous achievement.”

In this inaugural year for Cobb performance awards in Canada, there was also recognition for the best performing individual flocks for the Cobb 500FF and Cobb 500SF lines, based on ranking using chicks per hen adjusted to 65 weeks of age.

Groupe Westco of St. Francois, New Brunswick, was the winner for the best Cobb 500FF flock. The flock from Barn 303, produced 157.7 chicks/hen housed.

Poirier-Berard of St. Felix-de-Valois, Quebec, was the winner for the best Cobb 500SF flock. The flock from Ferme Martineau — Barn #5, produced 147.55 chicks/hen housed.

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