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Tegel Foods constructs new hatchery in Christchurch

New Zealand’s number one poultry integrator, Tegel Foods, has recently constructed a brand new broiler hatchery in Christchurch.

Petersime was selected as the supplier of incubators and HVAC equipment via distributor UPEC. The new hatchery for chicken broilers has a total yearly setting capacity of 30 million chicken eggs, obtained with 30 BioStreamer 12S incubators and 15 BioStreamer 4H hatchers. On top of that, some setters and hatchers for turkeys have also been installed.

Tegel Foods is proud to be amongst the poultry producers with the lowest feed conversion ratios (FCRs) in the world. What’s more, the company is working to bring the average FCR of its birds further down from 1.5. One of the methods to achieve this is good hatchery management.

“Good feed conversion ratios of broilers start with a beneficial development of the embryos in the egg,” says Leonard Hawley, Hatcheries Manager at Tegel Foods. “Embryo-Response Incubation is the method of choice to monitor and control this vital aspect of hatchery management.”

Established in 1959, Tegel Foods processes 70,000 tonnes per year and employs 1,900 people. The company is responsible for about 50% of the market in New Zealand. Besides chicken, Tegel also produces turkey meat, holding over 90% of the New Zealand turkey market.

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