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Course offered on incubation biology and management

A course on 'Incubation biology and management' will be held at the Wageningen Academy of Wageningen University in The Netherlands from April 6-8, 2014.

During this course, new insights from research and developments in society are translated into business concepts. Topics like incubation conditions, embryo development, embryogenesis and sensor techniques will be discussed extensively. The objective of the course is to broaden or deepen knowledge and understanding of incubation biology.

The course includes a variety of presentations, spread over two consecutive days. Topics are presented and discussed by various international and well reputed incubation experts.

Covered topics, amongst others include:

-   The effects of the increase in size of incubators

-   The biological processes during embryogenesis. Some biological parameters during development may be used more frequently as an input in order to adapt and refine the controlling physical conditions;

-   Change of chickens: the tremendous progress in selection methods and the specialization in selection objectives have altered the optimal range of conditions of incubation;

-   New developments and techniques in the field of sensors for biological parameters useful in incubation;

-   Variable factors that influence the embryo development

Target audience
The course aims to enrich the knowledge of professionals (academic level) and is intended for hatchery managers, poultry biologists, incubator manufacturers, engineers, poultry breeding companies, technical managers of poultry integration companies, veterinarians, researchers and teachers in poultry science. Participants from the (supplying) industry or governmental organisations are also welcome to join this course. Presentations and documentation will be in English.

More information can be found on the Wageningen Academy website

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