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Hatch Tech opens experience centre

In December 2013, HatchTech opened its brand new HatchTech Experience Center (HEC), showroom, located right on the A12 motorway in the Netherlands.

The HEC will enable poultry company's world wide to determine, which equipment is most appropriate for their specific needs, as they can see the products functioning in a real-world environment.

Commercial Director, Joost ter Heerdt, comments: "Although we have excellent possibilities for on-farm visits in the Netherlands and Germany, where we hold market leading positions, we still believe it is important to let our customers become acquainted with our developments in a clean setting. Our new, 850 m2, state-of-the-art HatchTech Experience Center offers guests an up close and personal look at the most innovative technology available in the world of incubation, chick transport and brooding. At this beautiful location we are able to demonstrate what is possible today, to see everything working in real-world settings, and to speak with our experts who can support their projects every step of the way."


  • Hatch Tech opens experience centre

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  • J.W.G. ter Heerdt

    Please feel free to visit HEC at any time...!

  • J.W.G. ter Heerdt

    Over 200 visitors since opening (11-12-'14)! Will you be the next visitor to find out about HT's latest innovations?

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