News update:Mar 9, 2016

Petersime supplies new hatcheries in Morocco

Moroccan feed company Groupe Casa Grains has constructed two new hatcheries in the Rhamna area, 50 km north of Marakkech.

Both hatcheries, a layer and a broiler hatchery, have been equipped with Petersime incubators. The layer hatchery, which was commissioned in 2013, is now equipped with 12 Conventional S576 setters and nine Conventional H192 Cleanway hatchers, all of them Vision-controlled.

Eight additional setters and two hatchers are being shipped to the hatchery for installation at the beginning of 2014. Eventually, the layer hatchery will be equipped with a total of 24 setters and 18 hatchers.

The broiler hatchery, also constructed in 2013, houses 20 Conventional S576 setters and 18 Conventional H192 Cleanway hatchers. Petersime also supplied FocusLink software as well as HVAC equipment to both hatcheries.

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