News update:Mar 9, 2016

Innov’Space award for Petersime’s BioStreamer Re-Store

During the SPACE trade fair, organised from 16th till 19th September 2014 in Rennes, France, Petersime was granted a two-star Innov’Space award for its latest novelty: the BioStreamer Re-Store.

The BioStreamer Re-Store is an incubator dedicated to restore hatchability losses caused by long egg storage times. Extensive research has indicated that the gains in hatchability are substantial, and increasingly so as the eggs are stored longer. What's more, significant improvements have been recorded in terms of chick quality and post-hatch performance.

Product manager Rudy Verhelst is extremely proud of the award. "The two stars are the icing on the cake of years of intensive research," he comments. "Innovation will always be a priority at Petersime, and it will always be aimed at maximizing our customers' return on investment," he adds.

The Innov'Space jury consisted of experts from technical institutes, the National Institute of Industrial Property, the Chambers of Agriculture, and livestock journalists and farmers. Out of 166 entries, 49 products were selected, 33 of which were awarded one star and 16 were awarded two stars.

In 2009, Petersime was awarded a three-star Innov'Space award for Synchro-Hatch, an Embryo-Response Incubation sensor that drastically shortens the hatch window. The result is better chick uniformity and quality as well as superior hatchery performance in terms of hatchability and feed conversion ratio.

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