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New layer breed to hit UK market

Layer breeder H&N International, a subsidiary of Lohmann Tierzucht, is launching a new brown bird to the UK market, intended to cater for producers looking to extend the laying life of their flocks.

Known as the H&N Brown, the bird – which sells as the Brown Nick in other parts of Europe and the Americas – will be marketed by a new company, H&N GB. It will be based at the Farm Fresh hatchery at Tarleton, Lancashire and headed by Keith Henderson.

"Shell colour and strength are its outstanding features," said Henderson. "It will appeal to customers looking to extend their flocks to 74, 76 or even 80 weeks before depletion. It will fit well in alternative production systems, though it should also perform in colonies."

Initially, hatching eggs are being shipped in from parent stock in Germany and hatched at Tarleton. But the plan is to build up parent stock in the UK, too.

According to Henderson, the Farm Fresh site, which currently contract hatches for Lohmann and Hy-Line, should be "H&N Brown only" by the end of next year.

This suggests a rapid market uptake. But Henderson, who also runs pullet rearing business Blue Barns Poultry Farms, says the breed will enjoy the benefits of a ready-made distribution network. It will also give the company an opportunity to extend its sales nationally.

Blue Barns, which produces more than 2m pullets a year intends to continue supplying Hendrix birds as part of its wider portfolio.

Source: Poultry World

Philip Clarke / Poultry World


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