News update:Mar 9, 2016

Emka Incubators launch new eXtend product

Lower hatchability is the single most costly outcome for any hatchery. Long-term storage is the result of many factors outside the control of the hatcheries.

Leaving the fertile egg in the cold store is the only safe option to store eggs. Holding those eggs at cold store temperatures close to physiological zero was until now the only option.

Emka Incubators noticed that the hatchability rate decreases dramatically after only one week of storage. If the embryo dies due to long-term storage, this directly affects the hatcheries bottom-line at the front end of its activity. These losses cannot be recuperated within traditional work practices.

There is now a way to eXtend the viability of the fertile egg and bring further profitability to the hatchery. The survival rate can be increased by using what is now commonly known as SPIDES (Short Periods of Incubation During Egg Storage).

Using SPIDES profiles in the eXtend machine increases the survival rate and thus hatchability of the long-term storage eggs. Long-term storage can be extended with  a significant increase in hatchability and chick quality compared to traditional long-term storage.

A combination of the company's proprietary Teggnologic cooling tubes and double capacity independently controlled heating elements ensure a controlled and progressive heating of the eggs to incubation temperature.

The eXtend also ensures a steady return to storage temperature after the eXtend profile run.

The combination of the Hatchery Manager's experience and EMKA Incubators adaptable eXtend incubation profiles allow the Hatchery Manager full flexibility in how, to what extent and how long to run the eXtend incubator.

The eXtend incubator is the combination of different elements:

  • High velocity direct & beltless drive motors
  • Larger pulsator blades for rapid air movement
  • Increased contact area for homogeneous controlled cooling of the fertile eggs back to the cold-store environment temperature
  • Optional such as turning system (for emergency use of the eXtend as a setter)
  • eXtend incubator Capacity: 57600 chicken eggs; 12 trolleys ; 4800 eggs/trolley; 150 egg setter trays

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