News update:Mar 9, 2016

Hy-Line inaugurates new farm in Nebraska

Following millions of dollars of investment, Hy-Line International continues to carry out a 4-year expansion project, with the most recent addition in Nebraska, US.

The initial phases of investment completed within the past two years included a complete remodel and upgrade of the Dr. James Arthur Research and Development Farm, a new pureline pullet growing farm, a new grandparent farm in India and construction of a state-of-the-art hatchery dedicated exclusively to pedigree and grandparent stock. The Nebraska project is focused on increased grandparent and parent stock production capacity to ensure continuous and reliable supply for Hy-Line's growing customer demand.

In an effort to accommodate the growth and guarantee security of supply, Hy-Line has completed a new cooperator house in Nebraska, the western bordering state of Iowa. "Being able to meet customers' needs and supply them with quality products is our first priority. The ability to source our product from multiple states gives us control over quality assurance," explains global director of production Antonio Paraguassu.

The new cooperator will house Hy-Line Grandparent stock, which will include multiple varieties. The modern design includes a computerised monitoring system, and a strict shower-in policy and isolated location set a high standard for biosecurity.

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