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Miratorg launches new high-tech hatchery

Bryansky Broiler LLC, the operator of the Miratorg poultry project, is to open a high-tech hatchery with a capacity of 75 million eggs per annum. The company is developing vertically-integrated broiler chicken production with the capacity of 100,000 tonnes annually.

The hatchery with the value of RUB 700 million (US$23mln) is the key element in the production chain, which includes crop division, hi-tech feedmill plant, poultry operation sites and automated slaughterhouse with the system of advanced processing.

The first lot of 170,000 eggs has been already delivered to the hatchery from the henneries with the breeder sites.

The process is equipped at a state-of-the-art level and meets the strictest veterinarian standards.

It is fully computerised and accurate temperature and humidity are maintained. The significant distinctive feature of the hatchery in Vygonichesky district from the others in Russia is that incubation is conducted out of hatchery. After the incubation period of 18.5 days a purpose-built thermal vehicle delivers an embryonated egg to the PATIO rearing sites.

"Modern poultry farming is hi-tech technologies at every stage of the process and especially in health support and safety precautions for the poultry. The hatchery is the most important element in the Miratorg poultry project. The incubation influences significantly further chicken developing and efficiency and we create the optimal conditions for healthy chicken arrival," said the CEO of Bryansky Broiler LLC Nikolai Misyura.

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