News update:Mar 9, 2016

Novogen appoints representative for the Andean Pact

Novogen has appointed Tomás Pérez as technical and commercial representative for the Andean Pact.

Pérez is a young veterinarian trained and graduated from the Universidad san Francisco de Quito in 2009. After getting his diploma, he continued his Masters studies at the University of Essex in the United Kingdom, having an MSc in Animal Biology and Welfare.

He started his professional experience at Wageningen University Livestock Centre collaborating in a project related to the welfare of broilers. Among other experiences, he has been collaborating in Ecuador in audits for humane treatment of animals in processing plants. During one year Pérez was director of the company Nutrisalminsa S.A. which specialises in mineral nutrition and technical support for dairy.

Pérez will be the technical and commercial representative for Novogen in Ecuador, Peru, Colombia and Venezuela. In addition, he will provide technical and commercial support in the neighbouring countries of the South Cone and Central America.  After a transition time, he will take over from Sergio Bia Candia who will focus on the South Cone.

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