News update:Mar 9, 2016

Aviagen to invest £7 million in UK hatchery

Aviagen is to invest just under £7m in a UK hatchery to facilitate an additional 400,000 egg setting capacity building, pushing setting capacity through the one-million-eggs-per-week barrier.

The investment, being made at Stratford Hatchery in Warwickshire, is due to the continuing high demand, from across the world for High Generation (GGP and GP) Aviagen stock and to ensure that Aviagen can continue to meet the needs of its local UK PS customers.

"The investment is evidence, firstly, that we are growing our business in the right way, driven by market demand; secondly, it demonstrates the level of support we receive from our shareholders who see the value of long-term investments; and thirdly, it reflects the high biosecurity standards within Aviagen and the excellent health status that we enjoy in the UK. It also acknowledges the skill base of our workforce as well as the critical logistical operations and opportunities that exist from a UK base," explained Aviagen UK Limited general manager Graeme Dear.

It is hoped that work, which entails building an annex onto the existing hatchery, will be completed by the middle of next year, subject to planning consent. The majority of the original building will be given over to Hi-Gen production with the annex focusing on PS hatching; however, the existing hatchery and the annex will be capable of operating together to better meet the demand for our breeding stock as and when required.

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