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India’s Amrit Group celebrates 20 years with new hatchery

In the year that India’s Amrit Group celebrates its 20th anniversary, the company is on track to launch a landmark new hatchery complex at its new 1.15 million egg/week hatchery facility in Panagargh, India.

Amrit Group signed a contract with Pas Reform at VIV Asia in March last year for the supply and installation of a fully equipped SmartPro single stage hatchery at its new poultry processing complex in Panagargh. The new development also includes feed mills, broiler, breeder and layer poultry farms, which are being built concurrently.

Due for completion towards the end of this year, the new Amrit Hatcheries Pvt. Ltd. Facility has been conceived and developed to incorporate the most advanced, innovative materials and technologies: a flagship operation for a company that has demonstrated strong, sustained growth by leading the way in innovation in India since 1994.

With a full suite of hatchery technologies from Pas Reform, the hatchery will incorporate the most advanced SmartPro modular, single stage incubation technologies, with 24 SmartSetPro setters, each with a capacity of 115,200 hatching eggs and a corresponding suite of 24 SmartHatch Pro hatchers, each holding 19,200 hatching eggs, to deliver a weekly setting regime of 921,600 hatching eggs. The new hatchery also includes climate control and hatchery automation systems from Pas Reform.

Harish Bagla, group managing director, says, " Amrit Group has demonstrated strong growth over two decades for its focus on quality and its dedication to the continuing expansion in four key areas; feeds, poultry, dairy and frozen food."

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