News update:Mar 9, 2016

Norel: Improve hatchability with Qualitegg

Spanish feed additive and ingredients company Norel, conducted a trial in a a poultry farm (Productos Toledano, SA) in the province of Cocle, Panama, in order to evaluate the productive performance, egg quality and hatchability of broiler breeders (Cobb ) with the inclusion of the additive Qualitegg (egg quality improver) in the diet, at dosage of 2 kg/MT of feed.

The experiment lasted during 10 weeks, with 26,728 hens at an age of 53 weeks of production, divided into two treatments: control group (CG) and Qualitegg group (GQ). In both groups, 13% of the birds were male. It was observed that the inclusion of Qualitegg improved (p < 0.05) hatchability by 3.1 % (76.84 % for QG vs. 73.73 % for CG). It is important to mention, that the improvement in the percentage of chicks produced was observed from the fourth week of the trial. In this evaluation, egg production (%), number of broken eggs and dirty eggs (%) did not differ (p> 0.05) between the two treatments used.

According to the conditions under which this trial was conducted, it is concluded that the inclusion of Qualitegg in the diet of broiler breeders has a positive impact on egg hatchability, which confirms previous observations and is only logical when we know the benefits of using Qualitegg on egg quality (egg shell and albumen density).

Source: Norel

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