News update:Mar 9, 2016

Russia: fourth largest poultry producer in the world

With an annual production of 3.5 million tonnes in 2013, Russia claims the fourth place for the largest poultry producer in the world, announced the President of the Russian Poultry Union Vladimir Fisinin at the conference “Agroinvestor”.

At the same time according to him, Russia still has the great potential for further growth. "All the talk about the overproduction of poultry meat in our country has no basis, in 25 regions the self-sufficiency in poultry production is still less than 50% out of normal consumption" he said.

According to him, for further dynamic development of the industry, the state needs to keep subsidising the interest rate on loans for poultry producers after January 1, 2015 (currently a state programme provides the removal of subsidies), as well as launch so-called "uncommitted support".

At the same time Fisinin also offers to develop a network of social shops which will sell only domestic products to stimulate the import substitution on the domestic market.

"Besides, it is necessary to create a domestic breeding and genetic centres for poultry to stop the importation of breeding products and get rid of the dependence on importing of breeding material", concluded Vladimir Fisinin.

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