News update:Mar 9, 2016

Sustained growth for Sarawak’s poultry integrations

In Kuching, the state capital of Sarawak on the island of Borneo in Malaysia, Dutch hatchery technology company Pas Reform now accounts for more than 80% of hatching eggs produced in a strong and growing poultry sector.

As a major growth centre for business, Kuching serves the whole Sarawak population of around 2.5 million people. Five major poultry integrations are based here, each producing between 150,000-300,000 hatching eggs to meet demand for an estimated total of 1 million hatching eggs per week.

Pas Reform Hatchery Technologies now supports four of these poultry integrations with its Smart modular, single stage hatchery technologies; Sing Heng Huat Farming Sdn Bhd, QL Livestock Farming Sdn Bhd, Heng Feng Industries Sdn Bhd and the latest addition, Yeung Lok Breeding Farm Sdn Bhd, which is still under construction. At almost 850,000 hatching eggs per week, the combined setting capacity of these four companies represents more than 80% of total production.

Pas Reform's sales director in Malaysia, Dr Tan Ee Seng, is a veteran of the poultry sector and has worked closely with companies throughout the region since 1990. He says that integrators here were quick to realise the importance of single stage technologies to their plans for future growth.

Against a backdrop of rising feed prices, customers using Pas Reform single stage incubators are realising about 80g of feed saving in a 2 Kg broiler. One customer who produces 100,000 broilers/week using Smart incubation reports saving more than 100g feed easily on a 2.5 Kg broiler. At an average 1.70 FCR, this compares very favourably with results previously delivered using multistage incubation, where the best average recorded FCR was 1.74.

Pas Reform's Smart single stage incubation has proven its value in terms of performance and results for forward-looking companies. The Dutch company has also taken practical steps to support the local poultry sector, opening an office in Malaysia in 2008 and appointing an experienced local team, including agent Mr Kenny Tan and more recently a dedicated engineer for the region, Mr Yew Wei.

Dr Seng concludes: "Pas Reform's presence in this region is fully supported by regular customer consultation visits by the company's hatchery specialists and access to Pas Reform Academy training for hatchery staff. Taken together, all these factors have served to build confidence - and to build greatly valued partnerships with our Malaysian customers."

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