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New Cobb production complex in opens in China

The new Cobb-Vantress production complex at Suizhou in Hubei province, west of Shanghai, developed to supply the growing Chinese market was officially opened at a 2-day event for more than 40 guests from the country’s poultry industry.

The farm and hatchery facilities were developed at a cost of $35 million to meet the initial target of supplying 5 million Cobb500 parents a year.

Biosecurity as top priority

In designing and constructing the complex, now receiving the first placement of grandparent stock, top priority has been given to biosecurity, which together with a well trained work force is seen as the key to producing consistently top quality products.

At the Grand Opening event in the late afternoon Cobb speakers outlined the company's global vision and Chinese marketing strategy along with details of the new facilities planned and constructed over the past 3 years.

"Game changer in China"

"This will be a game changer in the Chinese market," said Dave Juenger, Cobb project director. "We have high expectations of consistently achieving top quality for our customers, and we are committed to producing mycoplasma-free breeding stock right from day one.

"In these state-of-the-art facilities, for instance, everyone is required to take 3 showers before coming into contact with the birds. This level of biosecurity is a prime example of Cobb's commitment to preventing the introduction of disease on our facilities."

Improving the Chinese broiler industry

Pelayo Casanovas, Cobb general manager for the Asia-Pacific region, stated: "Our goal is to add value to our products and to help improve the Chinese broiler industry through our commitment to delivering the best genetics combined with the best quality. And that means freedom from both MS and MG as well as Salmonella, and protection from disease for our customers.

Roy Mutimer, Cobb senior vice president, said the Cobb research and development program focused on making continually improving, well balanced products for customers throughout the world. He spoke of Cobb strategies to expand production of breeding stock in every region to make sure that products are always available in the event of any local supply shortage. The China project was, he added, aligned with the company's global strategy to expand poultry output to provide for increased consumption in Asia and also help provide for the growing population worldwide in the longer term.

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