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Centaco expands with Pas Reform hatchery

Centaco Group in Thailand’s will expand its fully integrated operation with a new hatchery from Pas Reform. It will be equipped with Equipped with Pas Reform’s most advanced SmartPro single stage incubators, SmartCenter hatchery information system and hatchery automation systems (HAS).

The new hatchery joins a roster of 12 wholly owned subsidiaries across a range of operations, from grandparent stock breeding, farming and a feed mill, to the manufacturing of animal health products, poultry processing and the manufacture of cooked foods.

The SmartSetPro setters will incorporate Adaptive Metabolic Feedback (AMF), to fine-tune incubation environments to the needs of growing embryos and Energy Saving Modules (ESM) to reduce energy consumption.

Monitor and adjust the hatching process automatically

The SmartHatchPro hatchers will be equipped with SmartWatch, to monitor and adjust the hatching process automatically, from transfer through to the hatch of the last chicks in each cycle, with  SmartCenter hatchery information software to monitor and record every event during the incubation process.

Pas Reform will also provide hatchery management training for Centaco personnel, with ongoing service and technical support from Pas Reform Academy.

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  • Sallye Errecart

    I'm wondering whether this technique can be cloned to boronic esters
    (<>), so that researchers can get animal antibodies more easily.

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