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Aviagen marks five years of growth in Russia

During the recent VIV Russia Exhibition Aviagen LLC celebrated the 5th anniversary of the opening of its Yasnogorsk hatchery which has seen year on year growth and now has over 60 Russian customers.

The hatchery supplies the main Aviagen broiler breeds, Arbor Acres, Ross 308 and Ross PM3 to the Russian poultry market. The Aviagen display focused on biosecurity and product quality and a customer reception provided an ideal forum to celebrate the investment the company has committed to the Russian industry and local market. Interest was high as visitors took the opportunity to discuss their plans and performance of Aviagen products in Russia with managers and specialists.
Tyark Osterndorff, Aviagen Business Development Director, Eastern Europe and CIS, welcomed guests to the celebratory event saying: "Today we supply chicks to over 60 poultry farms in Russia and expect this number to continue to grow each year. We have made a significant commitment to the Russian market and it has been fantastic to see the impact we have made since we opened our hatchery."

Over 100 customers attended the reception. Yaroslavsky Broiler Director, Elman Azizov, said, "We have worked with Aviagen for many years and we trust the expertise and experience of the company. Aviagen specialists know the Russian market and are always ready to lend their assistance at all stages of flock development."

Aviagen to increase market share in Russia

Valery Starodubtsev, General Manager of Aviagen LLC, added: "Aviagen LLC is standing strong and we will continue to increase our market share in Russia. In September 2014 we received Level One breeder status, following a long term investment programme which is set to go on. We need to continue our development in order to keep up with the demand for Arbor Acres and Ross birds, which have proven their worth and performance potential time and time again, in a country which can have huge environmental swings from summer to winter. Achieving consistent performance levels is a challenge in itself so, while we are pleased with our performance, the event at VIV Russia was about recognising the hard work of our customers too."


  • Aviagen marks five years of growth in Russia

    At the Aviagen stand during VIV Russia 2015: Goran Slunsky – Technical Service Manager; Petro Kuretchko –Technical Service Manager; Marcel Janssen – Regional Technical Manager, Eastern Europe and CIS; Marina Cherekaeva – Sales Manager Ross; Georgi Nalbantov – Technical Service Manager

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