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JAPFA extends hatchery network in Indonesia

PT Japfa Comfeed is to further expand its extensive hatchery network in Indonesia with a new facility at Kronjo, Tangerang in West Java. The new hatchery will be equipped with Pas Reform's SmartPro single stage incubation.

With 12 SmartSetPro setters, 12 SmartHatchPro hatchers and a full climate control system, the new hatchery will incorporate Adaptive Metabolic Feedback (AMF) to fine-tune incubation environments to the needs of growing embryos and Energy Saving Modules (ESM) to reduce energy consumption. A SmartCenter hatchery information system will monitor and record every incubation cycle and Pas Reform will also provide hatchery management training, with ongoing service and technical support.

"As one of the largest agri-food businesses in Indonesia, Japfa's Poultry Division is one of the most vertically integrated operations in the country. With ambitions to make new inroads into value added and consumer branded foods, food safety is an important concern for this market-leading company,"says Japfa's Head of Hatchery West Area Mr. Akhyar

Increase consumption of chicken to 15 kg per capita by 2018

"The Indonesian Government has set targets to increase the consumption of chicken to 15 kg per capita by 2018, which provides good opportunities for production growth," he says, "Our adoption of Pas Reform's advanced SmartPro single-stage incubation, together with our focus on biosecurity and food safety, puts Japfa in an excellent position to deliver premium quality broilers that have had an excellent start, with high uniformity throughout the integration to achieve a superior retail product."

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