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Pakistani broiler farm launches parent stock operations

Faisal Feeds, a fast-growing, independent feed and broiler farm operation in the Multan district of Pakistan is to launch a new parent stock operation.

The company has commissioned SmartPro single-stage incubation technologies from Pas Reform Starting with six SmartSetPro setters and six SmartHatchPro hatchers, the new hatchery is also equipped with a full HVAC installation from Pas Reform.

High quality chicks

Since launching the new hatchery, Faisal Chicks Pvt Ltd has seen many successful hatches and, says the company's owner Dr Faisal Shahid, is very pleased with results, both in the hatchery and in the broiler farm. "Faisal Feeds is best known for quality poultry feeds", he said, "As such, it was important to complement our reputation for quality with healthy, uniform, high quality chicks.

With a Masters Degree in Animal Nutrition, Dr Faisal has designed and built countless feed mills, often working as a production manager and consultant for his clients.

Complete poultry integration

Around two years ago, Dr Shahid decided to start his own new venture and Faisal Feeds was launched with outputs of 30 tonnes per hour initially. With a promise of great quality as his guiding principle, Dr Shahid also started his broiler farms – and with ambitions to build a complete integration, the operation has grown quickly to achieve its latest development in the realisation of the Faisal parent stock farm.

The parent stock farm is equipped to produce 200,000 chicks per week from start-up, to supply Faisal Broiler and for sales to other farms in the region. However with plans to double production within the year, Dr Shahid is already planning a second phase of expansion, with more incubators to follow.

Dr Tan Ee Seng, Pas Reform's regional sales director is very pleased to be partnering Faisal Feeds in its ambitious plans. "I believe Faisal Feeds and its associated integration will be a key "agent of change" for the hatchery sector and the poultry business," he said.

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