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Aviagen to buy Hubbard Breeders

Global genetics firm Aviagen is to buy Hubbard Breeders, the broiler breeding division of Group Grimaud.

The agreement, which will be concluded later this year, will see Hubbard Breeders operating as a wholly owned subsidy of Aviagen Group, retaining separate breeding programmes and commercial activity.

Aviagen chief executive Jan Henriksen will ultimately oversee the business. He said of the purchase: “Hubbard’s diversity of genetic products and in-depth expertise in the different segments of the broiler breeding market will greatly contribute to Aviagen’s expanding product line offerings.”

A statement added that, while the two businesses would operate separately, they would share “best practices, experience and knowledge”.

Photo: Aviagen
Photo: Aviagen

Hubbard chief executive Olivier Rochard said: “We are looking forward to utilising the strengths of both organisations, particularly in the areas of technology, R&D, production efficiencies and distribution capabilities.

“We share with Aviagen the ultimate goal of continually advancing the genetic potential of our birds and safeguarding the security of supply to global markets, which will profit our valued customers all around the world.”

Groupe Grimaud bought loss-making Hubbard Breeders from Merial in 2005 to complement its duck and rabbit genetics programmes. Grimaud has since expanded further into biopharmacy for both humans and livestock.

Founded in 1921, Hubbard broilers have significant market share in the US and Brazil, while in Europe the brand is perhaps best known for its slower-growing breeds. Genetics contribute to brands such as the Better Leven in the Netherlands, the RSPCA’s Freedom Foods in Britain and Label Rouge in France.


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