Hubbard launches Efficiency Plus female breeder

A new female breeding bird that promises to give the industry outstanding efficiency throughout the whole production chain will be commercially available later this summer.

The Hubbard Efficiency Plus promises to deliver efficiency with low cost on all levels of production with the company saying it represents a perfect blend of advanced breeder and broiler performance.
Customers will benefit from high egg and chick numbers, robust broiler growth rate and good health, as well as a high output of good quality saleable meat. Additionally, excellent feed efficiency results in economic advantages for producers and sustainability for the environment.

Date- Breeder Level

Bodyweight at 20 weeks Bodyweight at 64 weeks  
2.345g-2.425g  4.080g-4.140g  
TE/HH at 64 weeks 185.1  
HE/HH at 64 weeks 177.8  
Average hatch at 64 weeks  84.5%  
Chicks/HH at 64 weeks 150.3  
Feed consumption, including males   0-64 weeks 20-64 weeks
Per total egg produced  310g 271g
Per hatching egg produced 323g 282g
Per chick produced 382g 334g

Data- Broiler Level

Age Liveweight (as hatched)    FCR
28 days 1.604g 1.34
35 days 2.269g 1.48
42 days 2.948g 1.62
49 days 3.606g 1.76
56 days 4.209g 1.90

$10m investment for R&D

The new breeding female is the result of years of research and development by Hubbard, which was further boosted last February when the firm was acquired by the Aviagen Group, which put in an additional $10m investment to advance its breeder research and development based in New Hampshire, United States.

Olivier Rochard, global managing director of Hubbard, said: “Our strategy of developing one conventional female has enabled us to increase our focus on specific selection criteria to bring better performance to customers faster.

“It is through this long-term strategy, combined with R+D investments and implementation of advanced technologies that has resulted in the Hubbard Efficiency Plus.”

David Fyfe, global sales and marketing manager at Hubbard, added that focusing on one conventional breeder female would help secure the supply of quality breeding stock to customers around the globe,

Further information is available from Hubbard Breeders