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Study: Thyme as antibiotic alternative in poultry feed

Due to the potentially undesirable effects of antibiotics as growth promoters in poultry production, researchers are looking for viable alternative to limit or replace their use.

By: RU Khan, S Naz, Z Nikousefat, V Tufarelli and V Laudadio

One such class of comparable alternative is natural source of herbs and medicinal plants. In the last decade, these alternatives have been increasingly used in broiler, layer and Japanese quail diets.

Reports have variously claimed that medicinal plants, used as either the whole plant, their leaves or flowers, can enhance poultry performance. From the available literature, it can be concluded that thyme (Thymus vulgaris) belongs to such class of medicinal plant and may be an effective alternative to antibiotics in poultry production.

In this review, its effects on different parameters of production performance in poultry are briefly discussed.

This is an abstract from the World's Poultry Science Association's Journal.

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