News update:Mar 9, 2016

Insufficient veterinary control in Azerbaijan poultry

The system of veterinary controls for the production of poultry meat in Azerbaijan does not provide the safety of products coming into the market, according to a study of the Union of Free Consumers of Azerbaijan.

“About 40% of chicken in our stores has poor quality. Two years ago our Union carried out inspections and found that in almost all the country's poultry farms the hens are fed with genetically modified feeds that are imported from Brazil, the US and other countries. Domestically produced GMO corn is also used as feed for the chickens,” reported Eyub Huseynov, the head of the Union of Free Consumers of Azerbaijan .

“Unfortunately, Azerbaijan has no independent laboratories that could test the feed, veterinary drugs or the presence of prohibited substances. According to our studies it is likely that the chickens consume large amounts of antibiotics, as they quickly gained weight,” Huseynov added.

He also added that the quality of chicken in Azerbaijan is very poor, mostly because of the insufficient work of the veterinary services of the country that doesn’t conduct necessary inspections of both imported and domestically produced feed.

World Poultry

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