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Indian AI outbreak prompts cull

Over 2,000 chickens have been culled and a large quantity of eggs destroyed in the Indian state of Bihar following an outbreak of avian flu, officials have reported.

The bird flu was initially detected last week in the region of Purnea, situated about 350 km from the state capital. The state government has also alerted neighbouring the districts of Kishanganj, Katihar and Araria and asked concerned officials to take emergency measures where necessary.

Purnea District Magistrate, Manish Verma said that more birds would be culled as a precautionary step. “The administration had issued bird flu alert as a preventive measure. We are fully prepared to deal with an outbreak," he confirmed.

The district magistrate said 15 teams of officials will monitor the spread of bird flu and ensure that birds and eggs from the district were not sent outside Purnea, which is a major supplier of chicken across Bihar, with fowl and eggs from the district also finding their way to markets in neighbouring West Bengal.

"All entries along the border of the district have been sealed and additional officials have been deployed to prevent traders from sending birds outside," an official confirmed.

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  • Dr A.G RAO

    India has reported the outbreaks of HPAI from eastern parts of India and also from Southern state of Karnataka, and Odisha officially. Many such outbreaks are are not reported with all sincerity from very important states to just avoid culling process and due to fear of market slowdown. This attitude of not reporting the outbreaks actually harming the country and also helping the spread of the disease to all parts of the country. As such now most of the states are experiencing the problems of HPAI. This is all happening due to lapses in proper surveillance and frank reporting system with severe lapses in biosecurity measures. It is high time for every body to look in to these aspects and adopt relevant vaccination programmes coupled with strict biosecurity measures suitable for our poultry industry.

  • Kausar shaikh

    Its a vague statement made without responsibility as bird flu outbreaks are not reported with all a person attached to poultry since 1987 I can say India is the only country where bird flu outbreaks are reported with all sincerity and immediate strict measures are taken.
    above report is irresponsible statement.

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