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Climate change: Impact on dispersal of poultry diseases

A Canadian study at the University of Guelph looked at the effects of climate change on avian migratory patterns and the dispersal of commercial poultry diseases in the country.

By: CD Patterson and MT Guerin

Many birds are able to modify migratory strategies when selection favours an adjustment. Climate change is provoking a range of responses from avian migrants and affecting their relationship with other biological systems.

This is the first part of a two-part review that aims to summarise the available literature on the impact of climate change on migratory birds and how those changes will subsequently affect the spread of poultry diseases.

Part I reviews the effects of climate change on the ecology of avian migrants; it was found that climate change has evoked several changes in birds, including changes in avian phenology, poleward shifts in avian distributions, modification of migratory distances, direction and activity, and alterations to movement patterns and destinations.

Current predictions for future climatic trends will continue to favour changes in avian migratory strategies and behaviour, emphasising the importance of investigating how these adjustments will affect the relationship between avian migrants and bird-borne pathogens.

This is an abstract from the World's Poultry Science Association's Journal.

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  • ??? rassokie

    Greetings to Dr. Leeson and Dr. Summers at Kuelf University in the state of Ontario,canada about their book ( commercial poultry nutrition ,2008 )which i translate this book to arabic because it is very good book at poultry nutrition with great thanks to you and university and canada people .thank you


    climate change is the increase in temperature to the earth due to human activities
    how does it link with meat consumption? may be animal disease due to climate change may fever multiplications of pathogens. send us with the books
    Thanks for sending me with poultry materials


    Climate change is the variations of climate into either prolonged temperature or shortage of rainfall due to experiencing un reliable weather like rainfall or high temperatues due to global warming and green house effect i fail to link with meat consumptions.may be animal diseases the result of climate change is due to human activities such as increased air pollution due to air and industries smokes green house gases,due to depletion of o-zone layer etc.


    20:26 comment is not very clear add information from from 20:38 Climate change be the result of different outcomes including global warming, floods,diseases due to climate change,prolonged droughts, disappearance of some bio diversities etc.

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