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China offers subsidies to stricken poultry industry

The Chinese government has granted subsidies of 300 million yuan ($US 48.54 million) to support the poultry sector as it struggles in the wake of the H7N9 bird flu virus, the country’s Ministry of Finance has announced.

The subsidies will be used to help poultry breeders stay in business, ensure their productivity and stabilise market supplies of poultry products, the ministry stated. Indications suggest that the industry has recorded losses of more than 40 billion yuan since the H7N9 influenza outbreak occurred in March.

To ease the burden that the outbreak has placed on poultry breeders, the central government has joined hands with local governments to offer help. In addition to the subsidies from the central government, 10 provinces, including Henan, Shandong and Guangdong, have issued beneficial policies to aid poultry breeders.

Mass cullings have taken place to prevent the spread of the H7N9 virus and live poultry markets were also closed in order to reduce human contact with birds.

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