News update:Mar 9, 2016

Newcastle disease grips Cypriot poultry industry

Newcastle Disease has been reported in Cyprus and mass cullings are taking place, the country’s veterinary services have reported.

Almost 130,000 birds have been destroyed and inspections are continuing in poultry units across the country.

“The situation is very difficult” said  Giorgos Kyriakides, Director of the Veterinary Services, with reports suggesting that up to 15% of the country’s poultry industry has been affected.

He said that the Veterinary Services are taking a series of precaution measures, to limit the virus from spreading, while evaluating the data available to find what caused the infection. The infected area is close to the Turkish-occupied areas of Cyprus, and according Kyriakides, there are efforts to investigate if there is any correlation to the situation there.

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