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Cryoport/Zoetis expand poultry vaccine logistic deal

Cryoport has reached agreement with Zoetis, the former animal health business unit of Pfizer, to expand the scope of the cold chain logistics services Cryoport is providing.

In December 2012, Cryoport signed an agreement with Pfizer Inc. to manage frozen shipments of a key poultry vaccine. Under this arrangement, Cryoport is providing on-site logistics personnel and its logistics management platform, the Cryoportal, to manage shipments from the Zoetis manufacturing site in the United States to domestic customers as well as selected international distribution centers.

As part of its logistics management services, Cryoport analyzes shipping data and processes to further streamline Zoetis' logistics, ensuring products arrive to their destinations in specified conditions, on-time and with the optimum uses of resources. Initially, Cryoport managed Pfizer’s total fleet of dewar flask shippers used for this purpose, including liquid nitrogen shippers.

In the amended agreement, Cryoport’s scope is expanded to manage all domestic shipments of the key frozen poultry vaccine as well as all shipments of this vaccine to all Zoetis’ international distribution centers.

Cryoport President and CEO Jerrell Shelton stated, “The solutions we provide Zoetis are made possible by our purpose-built Cryoportal software logistics management system and our 24/7 logistics personnel who power the solutions we provide. By outsourcing cold chain logistics to Cryoport, our customers can achieve reliable services and have greater visibility on the status of their shipments of vaccines throughout the entire delivery and return processes. Cryoport solutions provide greater peace of mind to our customers, knowing that our Cryoport solutions are not only reliable, but effective, and economically sound.”

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