News update:Mar 9, 2016

Ceva highlights IB vaccine at WVPA congress

Ceva, a major sponsor of the XVIIIth Congress of the World Veterinary Poultry Association (WVPA), used the major worldwide event to launch Cevac IBird a live, attenuated IB vaccine.

In 2012, Ceva made it possible to protect against two major diseases, Newcastle and Gumboro with a single, combined dose of vaccines given in the hatchery, with the launch of Transmune IBD and Vectormune ND. With the addition of Cevac IBird, infectious bronchitis can now also be brought under control from the hatchery.

In North and South America almost all birds are already vaccinated in the hatchery. Increasing levels of automation, higher labour costs and the increased efficacy and safety offered by the new technology vaccines will accelerate this trend in all parts of the World.

Ceva has 16 new technology vaccines registered in key countries but innovation means nothing, if this cannot be applied in the field. That’s why the company has also invested in the provision of vaccination and handling equipment (Desvac and Ecat) and expert service programs (C.H.I.C.K program) to ensure that poultry producers benefit from over 60 service managers working in 14 countries.

Dr.Arnaud Bourgeois, Head of Ceva’s Biology Business Unit commented: “We are delighted to be able to support our partners, the WVPA, in bringing this important scientific gathering to our home country, France. I am very proud that we are also able to demonstrate so many significant innovations that will really benefit poultry producers. Combining excellence in scientific, industrial and market support is something we try to achieve each day and we must continue to work hard to drive further innovation in the future.”

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