News update:Mar 9, 2016

WVPA announces Young Poultry Veterinarian of 2013

Philip Hammond, from Norfolk in the UK, has been named as this year’s winner of the WVPA (World Veterinary Poultry Association) Young Veterinarian of the Year.

Hammond is a partner in Crowshall Veterinary Services, which is responsible for a significant proportion of the UK poultry industry, including one integrator producing 750,000 broilers each week. He was selected from nominations and applications from around the world by a panel of global experts, and his award was presented at the XVIII Congress of the WVPA, Nantes, last week.

“It’s a great honour to receive the award, and to have that recognition from my colleagues and peers,” said Hammond. “Poultry has been a passion of mine since I was eight years old and I look forward to continuing to support the industry in the future.”

According to Mr Hammond, the key to being a good poultry vet is good communication: “I think you need to listen to what your clients’ needs are and ensure that you do everything possible to meet those needs.”

Part of that need is fulfilled by an online database which Hammond has helped to develop for Crowshall Veterinary Services. It allows clients to access a wide range of information about their flocks, including up-to-date diagnostic data.

Crowshall has a very well-developed laboratory service which is ISO17025 accredited for salmonella and mycoplasma serology, and which provides a range of diagnostic and surveillance services.

“I think one of the things that has changed in recent years is the need to provide information to clients more quickly. Our dedicated laboratory team means that we can meet that demand and provide our clients with exactly the services they need.

“It is important that our poultry customers have rapid diagnoses so that they can react quickly to any disease problems they may have or any political issues that may be arising within the company, in response to retailer requirements for example,” he added.
For the second year running the award has been supported by Zoetis, and Mr Hammond will receive a grant to attend poultry meetings of his choice anywhere in the world.

Hammond qualified in 2003 from the Royal Veterinary College (London) and has recently completed a master’s degree in avian health. He gained experience of poultry management in a number of countries, but is most at home in his native Norfolk.

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