News update:Mar 9, 2016

Some 600 checks in Belgium because of AI-risk

The Belgium food safety agency FAVV has in the last three weeks carried out almost 600 inspections at poultry farms, processors and transport companies to check whether they comply with the precautionary measures to prevent avian influenza from coming into the country.

Apart from some minor shortcomings, all companies followed the rules to the letter, the FAVV said in a statement.

The 355 checks of the cleaning and disinfection of lorries and their equipment at abattoirs brought no problems to light. 79 professional poultry growers which received a visit also all complied with the security measures. In the 58 inspected packing facilities some minor shortcomings were reported but these have all been dealt with since. The same goes for some problems in the 10 checked feed companies.

Because of the situation in neighbouring country the Netherlands, where so far five cases of AI have been found, and the earlier discoveries of the virus in Germany and the United Kingdom, the FAVV will keep following the situation closely and urges the Belgian poultry sector to remain vigilant.

Ruud Peys

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