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Reducing Campylobacter in broilers and turkeys

Campylobacter is one of the leading causes of foodborne illness. Traditional methods for controlling Campylobacter contamination have been focused within the processing plant, trying to prevent cross contamination through washing and evisceration.

It has been suggested that if colonisation of Campylobacter could be controlled in the birds' intestinal tract, prior to slaughter, then contamination of processed birds also will be reduced.

The functional metabolites in Diamond V Original XPC have been shown to directly impact innate immunity by increasing natural killer cell activity and lysozyme activity, while reducing IFN-gamma production. Adaptive immunity is also impacted as shown by higher levels of secretory IgA  and increased antibody titer levels following vaccination.

Two independent studies were recently conducted using a Campylobacter coli challenge to evaluate the effects of Original XPC on C. coli colonisation and transmission. A broiler trial (Experiment 1) was conducted by the SPR Group near Nicholson, GA, and Experiment 2 was conducted at North Carolina State University near Raleigh, NC using commercial turkey hens.

Results for Campylobacter incidence (% positives) were significant as hens fed XPC showed a reduction in numbers (P = 0.023). Prevalence was reduced in the non-inoculated birds from 93% to 75% in the XPC group. Turkey hens consuming XPC exhibited a full log reduction in C. coli colonisation from 4.51 to 3.49.

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  • Yahaya Abdullahi

    pls how are we going to reduce coccidioses deseas in Nigeria.

  • Yahaya Abdullahi

    pls how are we going to reduce coccidioses deseas in Nigeria.

  • Mohsen Abdelazi Ramadan

    You can reduce coccidiosis by the usage of anticox in feed as Elancoban or Monteban or maxi ban or clinacox or salinomycin
    sa cox in feed in rotation program for the water treatment Baycox is the best or ESB3 but first the management is very important clean letter is very important and bio security


    You can also reduce Coccidiosis by adequate vaccination program for birds.

  • IM Ismet Mamode

    As mentioned by the two gentlemen above, vaccination with Paracox 8 will be good for the breeders and layers. For the broilers, a shuttle programme by using coccidiostats ( chemical & ionophores ) will control the disease. But, the most important rule is to well disinfect the poultry houses especially the floor. Biosecurity is vital. Control the temperature, humidity and the litter quality in the houses. It is good to perform an evaluation of the lesions of coccidiosis in both the breeders and broilers to check the efficacy of the control programme.

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