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Antibiotic-free poultry successfully reared in Singapore

Kee Song Brothers Poultry, in Singapore, has become the first Southeast Asian company to successfully breed chickens on a large scale without the use of antibiotics.

Over the period from May to August Kee Song conducted a study, inviting six international companies in the food, agricultural and pharmaceutical industries to participate. The study involved breeding 180,000 chickens on its Johor farm, using technology developed by Dr Chia Tet Fatt, Director of Otemchi Biotechnologies.

The results showed that chickens which were bred using its own strains of lactobacillus - a good bacteria commonly used in the production of yoghurt and cheese - had a higher survival rate of 98-99% compared to chickens fed with antibiotics, which had a survival rate of 95%. The former were also less likely to suffer from diarrhoea.

According to Dr Chia Tet Fatt even though antibiotics are widely used by poultry farmers to yield plumper chickens that are more disease-resistant, research has shown that some bacteria or 'superbugs' in these chickens will develop resistance to antibiotics in the long run.

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  • abdelseed ahmed

    If this experiment succeeded then it will an international event that will reduce the risk of the resistant pathogens to human and will support the biosecurity and human welfare .

  • Huynh Dung Trung

    very nice report, it could be useful for broiler operation and human.

  • Waseem Alkhateeb

    nice to hear these news , it should be implements immediately in poultry industry specially for broilers producers in Arab world.

  • HM Meyns

    So it is in a scientific publication? What is the name of the article because I can not find it.

  • Linda Brown

    It's easy to ferment your feed giving the benefits of this in a backyard chicken environment .

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