News update:Mar 9, 2016

US: Foster Farms reduces its Salmonella prevalence

Foster Farms, the named source of a Salmonella outbreak in 2013 has reduced the prevalence of Salmonella throughout its poultry facilities and is now performing better than the US industry average.

In a statement the company said "Foster Farms is committed to producing poultry products of the highest quality, to the highest standards of food safety. Since October 2013, the company has implemented a multifaceted Salmonella control program that has reduced the prevalence of Salmonella at the parts level to less than ten percent – well below the USDA-measured industry benchmark of 25 percent. USDA officials have affirmed that the interventions are working and confirmed, "Foster Farms is performing far better than the industry average."

"Recent, in-market testing conducted by Foster Farms at the point of purchase further underscored that while Salmonella can be present in all brands of chicken, Foster Farms is among the safest choices available to consumers. Foster Farms will continue to work with its Food Safety Advisory Board, USDA-FSIS, and leading independent experts to further improve upon food safety."

Foster Farms CEO Ron Foster said, "We are on the right track, and have made outstanding progress. Millions of consumers continue to enjoy Foster Farms poultry products each day, and we want to ensure that they have the safest, healthiest experience".

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