News 3 commentsupdate:Mar 9, 2016

Gut health solution against necrotic enteritis

The harmful effects of necrotic enteritis in broilers can effectively controlled by a non -antibiotic gut health solution.

This was shown by studies, conducted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Amlan International.

Necrotic enteritis (NE) is one of the most important enteric diseases in poultry and is a high cost to the industry worldwide. It is caused by avian-specific, Necrotic Enteritis Beta toxin (NetB)-producing, strains of Clostridium perfringens.

Since the use of antibiotics have dropped, more work has been done to find non-antibiotic solutions to control this disease. Dr. LeAnn Johnston, technical service manager at Amlan International, said, "These results are significant in that we were able to advance our hypothesis that our non-antibiotic solution* can have a positive result against the harmful effects of necrotic enteritis in broiler production".

The latest clinical results will be further explained at the upcoming 2014 Avian Immunology Research Meeting (AIRG) July 16-19 in Guelph, Canada.



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