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Newcastle disease strikes Swedish laying flock

Sweden has faced an outbreak of Newcastle Disease in a flock of laying hens, the Swedish Board of Agriculture Department for Animal Welfare and Health has reported to the OIE.

Following a drop in egg production on the farm in Motala in the county of Östergötlands in the south-east of the country, diagnostic tests on the 3rd July confirmed the presence of Newcastle Disease and the entire flock of 16,3000 birds were destroyed.

The affected birds were housed 38-week-old laying hens and no signs of the disease were reported to have been shown.

A protection zone (3km) and a surveillance zone (10 km) were put in place around the farm and all other measures according to Directive 92/66/EEC were applied.

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  • Halima Chande

    It is sad that the farm had to go through this. What went wrong? were the birds not vaccinated against Newcastle. or was the fault of the vaccine used? In Africa we have a problem of power cut and many time the vaccine we buy from the Vet pharmacy vaccine we buy is already dead but the owner will just sell and the result the farmer looses. Now what happened in this case ? Can itbe traced? What about the titre was it taken after vaccination to see if the antibodies had increased or did we take for granted that the bird has been vaccinated as we do in Africa where facilities are scarce? Close monitoring of the immunity build up after vaccination need to be emphasized.

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