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More cases of AI in France

After the discovery of Avian Influenza H5N1 at a hobby farm in the Dordogne, further checks on poultry farms in this part of France have brought to light 2 more cases.

A producer of geese in Domme, some 90 kilometres south of the first case, and a duck farm in Saint-Paul-la-Roche, 50 kilometres north, have both been infected with the virus.

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The French department of agriculture has confirmed a case of the highly pathogenic strain H5N1 of Avian Influenza at a hobby farm in Piras near Périgueux, Dordogne. The infection was found after 22 of the 30 animals at the premises had died.

The discoveries were made after the animals on both farms showed a higher level of antibodies, suggesting that they had been in contact with the disease, the department of agriculture in Paris says.

Poultry to be culled

All animals at the affected premises are or will be culled and other measures of biosecurity are in place in the whole area, the department adds. "The services of the State are fully mobilised to support the sector in order to limit the further spread of the disease and the consequences, particularly for the export," minister Le Foll said.

Several countries, including Japan and South-Korea, have already banned the import of poultry and poultry meat from France.


  • Md Rahman Zaminur

    probable measured need to be prevent AI out break

  • Kabir A Chohan

    Vaccination and bio security including the control of wild birds must be improve to control this pandamic !

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