News update:Mar 9, 2016

Novus steps up biosecurity following AI outbreak

Animal nutrition company Novus International has responded to Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) outbreaks by redefining the delivery protocols and biosecurity procedures.

HPAI broke out earlier this year, and producers throughout the United States altered and heightened their on-farm biosecurity measures to prevent outbreaks. HPAI can cause high mortality in commercial poultry flocks and can be transmitted in various ways, often through direct contact between a healthy bird and an infected bird or its secretions and faecal material. It can also be transmitted by humans and equipment that have been in contact with infected material.

Novus customers requested heightened biosecurity

The customer supply chain organisation at Novus International, Inc. quickly responded to all specific requests from customers receiving bulk Alimet and Santoquin deliveries who called for increased biosecurity procedures. Then, they decided to take it a step further and alter their delivery biosecurity procedures.

"We elected to be proactive and let our customers know we were taking steps to help protect their business. If customers request specific procedures above and beyond our revised measures, we will do our best to comply," says Rick Kasmarick, Executive Manager, Novus North America Customer Supply Chain.

The North America Customer Supply Chain organisation has further refined delivery protocols this fall, and biosecurity procedures are continuing to be implemented by Novus to prevent the chance of spreading of HPAI or any other disease. Novus's response to current and future outbreaks is implementation of the following biosecurity procedures:

  1. Novus's customer service team will review and accommodate all customer biosecurity procedures to the best of our ability.
  2. Truck drivers have been educated and recognize the significance of this disease and will follow the customer's individual
    biosecurity procedures such as: Utilising truck wash/spray systems at customer locations, using disposable booties when requested and provided by customer and providing documentation of seal numbers when requested.
  3. All trucks and trailers will be equipped with sanitation kits including: Tek-Trol aerosol spray or equivalent product and hand sanitiser.
  4. All hose tubes and meter box doors must be resealed between deliveries.
  5. Prior to re-entering the cab of the truck, drivers will: Spray shoes, pants, working jackets and other articles with Tek-Trol aerosol spray and apply hand sanitiser.

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